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Red // Pixie
Red // Pixie
Red // Pixie
Red // Pixie
Red // Pixie
Red // Pixie
Red // Pixie

Red // Pixie

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$5.95 CAD
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$3.86 CAD

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of glitter. At this point we've become self-proclaimed "glitter snobs" and know the good stuff from the bad. Ours is the good stuff! It doesn't rub off or loose its shine over time.

Other glitter bows come and go, but Bowfield's are forever. Choose a super comfy headband or try out our non-slip clip that's perfect for sweeping her hair back.

The Details
  • Glitter fabric backed with pure wool felt
  • Approx. 2.5 x 1 inches
  • Attached to your choice of a one-size-fits-all nylon headband or a flat alligator clip (nickel and lead free)
  • Non-slip grip
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High-End glitter

Durable glitter that doesn't rub off or loose its shine. 

extra soft headband

She'll pretty much never want to take it off.

Non-slip grip

Hangs on to the tiniest of hairs. 


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