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Hello, We're

Everything we do starts with you: The products we make, our customer service, the brands we partner with and the content we create. Ultimately you call the shots around here and that’s the way we like it.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Hey there, I'm Patricia! Mama of 2, scrapbook enthusiast, self-proclaimed ‘picky customer’ and founder of Bowfield. Everything started on my kitchen table in 2016 with an eight-piece hair clip collection. Back then, I wasn't even making bows but that didn’t last long.

I recruited my amazing, older daughter, and we started handcrafting more products we loved. Bowfield became a full-on girl's accessories brand with everything I wanted for my little one.  

what fun looks (& feels) like

Our accessories bring colour to your girl's wardrobe and fun to their life.

From prints that help elevate their everyday outfits to hair clips ready and waiting for parties, our designs bring out smiles and plenty of compliments wherever they go.

Handmade for you

Our process always starts with moms and their girls in mind. We’re serious about great style and carefully pick out fabrics that are practical and beautiful. Plus, we don't forget that sparkly detail that completes her dazzling look.

Trust in us

We’re a small company. That means we value people and relationships, and we know honesty is the best policy.

We’ll strive to do the RIGHT thing. Always.

– Patricia, Bowfield founder

How it all started


Genehmigte Projekte


Genehmigte Projekte


Genehmigte Projekte


Genehmigte Projekte

Our values

Fun into style =

We believe trends are overrated. Accessories that make you smile, however, these will never date.

The best of

We fan-girl at gorgeous, high quality materials and embrace the ever elusive pursuit of perfecting handmade. 

comes as standard

We’re also kind, friendly and always ready to help out in a pinch.

does it

Gone are the days of cool meaning exclusive and elusive. We think it is defined by championing others and supporting individuality. We’re here to celebrate your little one and their unique brand of cool.